GIVEWelcome to the Challenge on Generating Instructions in Virtual Environments

The second second edition of the GIVE Challenge (GIVE-2.5) has been completed. Many thanks to the more than 650 players from over 30 countries who participated!

The purpose of the challenge was to evaluate how well natural language generation systems can give instructions that help users perform a task in a virtual 3D world. In GIVE-2.5, eight such systems participated. The systems were developed at the following institutions:
  • University of Aberdeen, UK;
  • University of Bremen, Germany;
  • National University of Córdoba, Argentina;
  • LORIA/CNRS, France;
  • University of Potsdam, Germany; and
  • University of Twente, The Netherlands.

Your participation has helped researchers evaluate and improve their work. At some future time, we may invite you to participate in a new round of the challenge, and you could come back to check whether they managed to make these systems better.

For more information about the GIVE Challenge, please contact us.