GIVE-2.5 completed

The GIVE-2.5 Challenge has been completed. With your help, we evaluated eight natural language generation systems developed across Europe and the America. Many thanks to the more than 650 players from over 30 countries who participated!
- posted by Konstantina on 30 Mar 2012

Lots of software improvements

Responding to your feedback, we have made lots of software improvements over the last few weeks. So please try the game again now if you had problems before. Good luck!
- posted by Konstantina on 22 Aug 2011

Over 200 participants!

Over 200 participants have played the GIVE game in the past month. Thanks for playing! For those who haven't had the chance yet, the game is still running. Go on a treasure hunt now and help improve AI research while having fun!
- posted by Konstantina on 3 Aug 2011

GIVE-2.5 launched!

Welcome to the 2011 installment of the GIVE Challenge! You can now play the GIVE game by clicking on the "Play Now" button on the right. Or you can read something about what the GIVE game is and why it exists on our "About us" page first. If you encounter any problems or you'd just like to send your feedback, you can try the GIVE Challenge Forum. Have fun!
- posted by Konstantina on 21 June 2011